zinc2Combining Zinc With Slate Requires Care And Craftsmanship

Since the mid-19th century, zinc has been a tremendously popular building material in Europe, particularly in France. However, it has just recently begun to gain popularity in the United States, especially in the Northeast. Due to its natural, elegant aesthetic, long lifespan, sustainability as a fully recyclable material, and ability to seamlessly complement other materials including slate, zinc is a highly favorable building material for historic, residential, institutional and religious buildings.
Zinc is primarily used for areas not steep enough for the application of slate, such as dormer roofs. In particular, VMZINC® offers slate-compatible 0.7mm and 0.8mm zinc sheets in QUARTZ-ZINC Plus, a pre-weathered matt gray color that mimics the natural patina developed by zinc over time. In addition, zinc is an optimal material for finishes, flashings, ornamentation, gutters and pipes to complement slate roofs.
Zinc installation is different than the installation procedure for other metals, including slate. Even though zinc will form a natural protective barrier, precautions should be taken when installing zinc next to slate to ensure that no damage, deformities, or color variations occur to either material. For example, the acidic nature of perspiration will leave marks on the zinc surface that will remain visible for a while and could have an adverse effect on the appearance of the zinc immediately after installation.

John Sheridan, VMZ Pro-zinc® for VMZINC®, will be a presenter during the National Slate Association’s upcoming Penn Big Bed Convention, held at the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia from Thursday, March 3 through Sunday, March 6. His presentation will discuss the relevance and advantages of pairing zinc with slate in both commercial and residential projects.

Sheridan has more than eight years of experience as a VMZ Pro-zinc® trainer and more than 40 years of experience in custom roofing and sheet metal work. Because of the technical nature of zinc installation, VMZINC® requires that all installers attend one of its VMZ Pro-zinc® training courses to help them understand the basic properties of zinc and ensure long-term success of the material. A working knowledge in other materials is a prerequisite for all VMZ Pro-zinc® seminars, which speaks to the high level of craftsmanship inherent in every zinc project.

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate zinc in your next slate project, please contact VMZINC® at info@vmzinc-us.com for more information.