Snow Guards -Not just another pretty face
In most areas of the world, a sloping roof has always brought with it the problem of snow retention. But it was not until the early 19th century that metal pad-style snowguards replaced such impromptu solutions as hanging logs by chains from the roof peak (they eventually rotted) or piling rocks on the roof (when they came down, it was a lot worse than the snow and ice). In the early 21st century, with winters becoming more brutal and widespread, the need for snowguards is more urgent than ever.
The demand for snowguards has increased.  Wherever there is snow and ice, pretty much nationwide and into Canada. It’s gone further south also” she North Carolina, South Carolina – and those areas are now starting to get ice on the roofs.  Over the years, inclement weather has become more common in other areas of the country. Every year it seems that someone else gets hit with a different snow or ice storm.  Snowguards are now being used  in almost every state, including Texas and Florida, believe it or not.
The pipe-style snow-retention systems  clamp directly to the seams of standing-seam metal roof and are installed with no penetration of the roof itself.
These products are also not quite as seasonal as one might expect.  Demand is very consistent. The busiest is the third and fourth quarters, when people are gearing up for winter, but in the spring, you  hear from people who realized their need for snow retention during the past winter.
Snow-retention systems are most familiar in metal and with the traditional features of eagles, other animals and geometric shapes .  A great copper or bronze snowguard adds a lot of character to most any roof and especially a beautiful slate roof.
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