Slate Roofs—Repair or Replace?

“I am tired of spending money on my slate roof! I don’t know who to believe; one contractor tells me I need a new roof, the other wants to flash my chimney with tar!” During the twenty years I worked as a slate-roofing contractor I heard many variations of this complaint. I met homeowners who [...]

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The Language of Slate

There is an old Welsh saying that translates as follows: “Only the Welsh can quarry slate because the rocks don’t speak English.” This is quite the anthropological linguistic riddle and I won’t even attempt to unravel it, but it does put me in mind of how few people understand the language of slate. Not, I [...]

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Slate & Zinc

Combining Zinc With Slate Requires Care And Craftsmanship Since the mid-19th century, zinc has been a tremendously popular building material in Europe, particularly in France. However, it has just recently begun to gain popularity in the United States, especially in the Northeast. Due to its natural, elegant aesthetic, long lifespan, sustainability as a fully recyclable [...]

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Imported Vs Domestic Slate

Imported from Spain Vs. Vermont-Quarried Slate The choice between a Vermont-quarried domestic slate and an imported slate from Spain, the source for more than 85% of the world’ slate, is in many ways a decision on color and characteristics and sometimes a consideration of pricing. All Spanish imported slate, for the most part, is black and [...]

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