Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training

Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training

When the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training needed to match an existing blend on their buildings, they turned to Newmont Slate Company. The beautifully maintained landmark structures, built at the turn of the century from fieldstone gathered around the property, were set for an upgrade including new underlayment, flashings, snow guards and slate shingles.

The Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission expressed concerns about maintaining a consistent look on this remarkable complex of buildings. Newmont Slate Company attended pre-construction meetings with the Commission architect, William Starck Architects, the building owner and Silktown Roofing to develop a color blend that would weather properly and maintain the existing aesthetic. The results speak for themselves.

The superior workmanship on every detail of the project by the roofers at Silktown Roofing can be seen here in the finished product. Take a look at what happens when a great team of professionals executes a well-designed plan.

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