GTRC Bus Depot – Richmond, VA

GTRC Bus Depot – Richmond, VA

QWIK Slate is fast becoming the go-to method for the slate roofing refurbishment and reinstalls throughout the country

In Richmond, VA, when project requirements called for reusing the existing slates on the historic Greater Richmond Transit Company Bus Depot, Newmont’s patented QWIK Slate process was found to be the perfect solution. The large scale of the roof refurbishment meant the developer needed a product that would allow swift reinstallation of slates while reducing labor costs and simplifying any future repairs.

Meticulous handling of the 100 year old Buckingham slates by the Cross Timbers Roofing crew facilitated their reinstall with minimal breakage and maximum efficiency.

QWIK Slate representative Brian Chalsma visited the project site to check on progress.

QWIK Slate strips employ hooks rather than nails to support the slate shingles, a method that has been used almost exclusively in Europe for centuries with great success. QWIK Slate eliminates over and under nailing, reduces installation time and labor cost, and makes repairs quick and easy.

Cross Timbers Roofing owner Chuck Glady talks about the challenges of this large roofing project and the benefits of QWIK Slate.

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