Hamilton Smith Hall, UNH

Hamilton Smith Hall, UNH

The English Deptment’s Hamilton Smith Hall at UNH, Durham, NH, one of New England’s premier Universities needs natures finest roof.

Of course they, UNH, DiMella Shaffer Architects, Hahnel Bros. Co and Skanska Group turned to Newmont and QWIK Slate, producers of the worlds finest Vermont Slate and its patented superior installation process, QWIK Slate. QWIK Slate utilizes hook fixing, a method recognized around the world as the hallmark of exceptional slate installations.

Well known for being safer, faster, longer lasting, and with the added ease of quick repair, QWIK Slate is maintenance free and comes with our 100 year plus warranty.

This noteworthy project, the latest crown jewel in the magnificent buildings that are now being constructed and refurbished with the ultimate roof, will be a treasure for generations of scholars to come.

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Hamilton Smith hall, University of New Hampshire