Imported Vs. Domestic Slate

Imported Vs. Domestic Slate

The choice between a Vermont-quarried domestic slate and an imported slate from Spain, the source for more than 85% of the world’ slate, is in many ways a decision on color and characteristics and sometimes a consideration of pricing. All Spanish imported slate, for the most part, is black and variations of black, gray-black, dark gray, black-gray, etc. Imported unfading Spanish black, S-1, the highest designation of quality re: ASTM, tends to be a bit less costly than comparable black slate from the USA. This is a factor of availability, scale of production and to some degree the cost of manufacturing. If your project requires an unfading and non-weathering black or dark gray slate, an S-1 Newmont Imported Unfading Black Select is an excellent choice, at a very competitive price.

Vermont slates tend to weather to varying degrees as a result of the presence of other mineral elements, quartz, mica, chlorites, carbon, iron and others within the deposits, during their formation hundreds of millions of years ago. This is why some Vermont Slate may be a rich cardinal red, a royal purple, various shades of purple and green, grays, tan, buff and black. If the rich earth tones and natural variations of weathering and semi-weathering slate is required, either historically or aesthetically, your choice is the highest quality S-1 Vermont Slate, Newmont Slate.

If you have any questions as to what slate is best for your project, please contact the professionals at Newmont Slate Co., we will be happy to explain and listen, so we fully understand your needs and can provide the excellent service you have come to expect from America’s premier Slate Company – Newmont Slate Co., Inc.

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