Newmont Slate Company

Located in Vermont, Newmont Slate is the largest roofing slate producer in the United States. We take great pride in quality service, competitive pricing, fast delivery and superior stone.

Newmont Slate Company produces the most and finest Vermont Black Slate in the United States. Newmont President and CEO, John (Jack) Williams has been in the slate quarry business for more than 50 years. With one of the largest and most modern facilities in the slate industry, Newmont Slate Company and it’s numerous quarries in Vermont produce an exceptionally high-quality stone for roofing slate and cladding. We pride ourselves on our product, hand split by our highly trained craftsmen. Our attention to detail, quality service, architectural and installation support, competitive pricing, fast delivery and superior stone are the hallmarks of our business.

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QWIK Slate®

The Qwik Slate® roofing installation process will revolutionize the application of slate roofing.

QWIK Slate® improves upon the traditional slate hook method of attachment by pre-applying a series of hooks on a strip. Available in various hook layout patterns to accommodate different slate widths, QWIK Slate® enables super fast nail gun application and provides superior attachment of slate to roofing surfaces. All QWIK Slate® hooks are 12 gauge 304 stainless steel anodized black for maximum strength and beauty.

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Slate Shield

The finest lightweight roofing slate installation process available

Newmont’s patented Slate Shield lightweight slate installation process combines traditional slate hook fixing method with advanced water repelling HDPE panel. Slate Shield saves time and uses half the slate of traditional installations, reducing weight and cost. Patented wind resisant “Butterfly” hook makes this process unparalleled in safety and performance.

QWIK Slate Chapel Project  – Boston, MA

Installing QWIK Slate® at Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel in downtown Boston

QWIK Slate® is becoming to go-to installation method for all types of slate projects around the country. QWIK Slate® strips use hooks to support the slates rather than nailing which allows fast installation and easy maintenance. The strips can be applied with a standard nail gun (stainless steel nails supplied), dramatically increasing productivity.

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The Finest Slate Products Come From Vermont

Simply put, we are proud of our heritage and the products we produce with Nature as our partner.
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